Lord Piccolo is a Namekian. 

Lord Piccolo

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Evolution (2009)Edit

Piccolo is an evil Namekian who attacked Earth along with his minion Oozaru two thousand years ago. Before that, he was working with the Planet Trade Organization. Seven mystics fought Piccolo and sealed him away into the mafuba where he was trapped for two thousand years, but then broke free from. After escaping from the mafuba, Piccolo looks for the Dragon Balls wanting them to wish for eternal youth. 

Reborn (2018)Edit

He partners with Goku to defeat Raditz. Goku defeats Raditz at the cost of his own life by Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon. He trains Gohan while growing attached to him. He fights the Saiyans. He dies at the hands of Nappa. 

Legacy (2020)Edit

He trains in King Kai's planet. Brought back. He fights Frieza after fusing with Nail. Nearly killed. Arrives back to Earth.