Frieza is a galactic emperor of the Icens who runs The Planet Trade Organization and is feared for his ruthlessness and power. He is known for killing Raditz and Goku's parents, as well as killing Vegeta and Tarble's parents.


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Origin & Early LifeEdit

10,000 years ago, The Cold Family give birth to their second child. Queen Ice dies right after she laid her egg containing her second born son. The first born son, Cooler, blamed his newborn brother for their mother's untimely death, and attempted to kill his baby brother by extending his finger nails to stab him to death. This attempt fails because the violent newborn Icen bites off his older brother's fingers, causing them to squirt blood all over the delivery room. An angry King Cold responds to his eldest son by smacking him through the wall. This makes Cooler even more angry, so he punches a hole in his father's chest. Cooler apologizes to his bleeding father, but he is punished by his father by banishing him from Planet Icen forever. After Cooler's banishment, Planthorr and Malaka examine the second born's power level. They and King Cold are shocked to learn that his son's power level was 5,000 surpassing Cooler's power level during his infanthood, which was only 3,000.

Genocide of The SaiyansEdit

Frieza had many races under his thumb in his planetary trade, but none were as prevalent as the Saiyans. Gifted with natural fighting ability, strength and the ability to become stronger after every battle, Saiyans became powerful weapons in Frieza's subjugation of planets. However, these very abilities made them a liability to the paranoid Frieza, afraid that, if left unchecked, the Saiyans could either unite and overwhelm him, or one day provide a warrior to rival Frieza himself. With the advice of his top henchman Zarbon, Frieza plans to wipe out the Saiyan race. He also ended up forcing King Vegeta into giving him his son, Vegeta, as part of their continued "cooperation", although King Vegeta secretly intended to betray Frieza before he could ever let him have his son. Hearing the accomplishments of the low-level Saiyan Bardock and acting on his own fears of the Super Saiyan legend, Frieza resolves to eliminate all possible threats. He sends his henchman Dodoria and his elites to assassinate Bardock, his wife Fasha and their team, while Frieza himself sets a course to Planet Vegeta.

Legacy (2020)Edit

He goes to Namek and starts killing everyone. Fights the Z Fighters. Gets cut in half. Takes advantage of Goku's mercy.