DragonBall 2 Reborn The Legendary Warrior Is an upcoming 2018 live-action Science fiction film Strongly based on the Japanese Dragon Ball Z Magna Anime It Will Be Directed By Stephen Chow And Produced By James Wong It Will Be Be Released By 20th Fox Century And WWE Studios

Cast WWE Superstars

Curtis Hussey Fandango Goku

Jonathan Good Dean Ambrose Vegeta

Glenn Jacobs Kane Piccolo

Richard Henry Blood Jr Richie Steamboat Gohan

Theodore James Wlison Tyson Kidd Krillin

Colby Lopez Seth Rollins Yamcha

Claudio Castagnoli Cesaro Tien

Dylan Mark Postl Hornswoggle Chiaotzu

Malachi Barton Goten

Luke Judy Trunks

Zhang Jingchu Chi Chi

Paul Wight Big Show As Ox King

Renee Paquette Rene Young Bulma

Joe Alwyn Future Trunks

Greg Marasciulo Trent Barreta Future Gohan

Windham Lawrence Rotunda Bray Wyatt Raditz

Joseph Rudd Erick Rowan As Nappa

Bob Sapp Dodoria

Daniel Cudmore As Zarbon

Luke Gross Cui

Stuart Alexander Bennett Wade Barrett Captain Ginyu

Conan Stevens Recoome

Paulo César Da Silva Giant Silva Burter

Nicholas Theodore Nemeth Dolph Ziggler Jeice

Warwick Davis Guldo

Jonathan Figueroa Amazing Red Frieza

Dalip Singh Rana The Great Khali Android 16

Mattias Clement Tyler Breeze Android 17

Saraya-Jade Bevis Paige Android 18

Solofa F Fatu Jr Rikishi Android 19

Michael Seteiz Michael Hayes Dr Gero

William Morrissey Big Cass Perfect Cell

Mark Calaway The Undertaker Dabura

Nathan Jones Super Buu

John Randall Hannigan John Morrison As Turles

Keanu Reeves As Bardock

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